Zansus Photo Shoot

Sushanta Bhandarker and Naz Saeed, Founders of Zansus Purses, came by today for a photo shoot of their Spring and Summer collection. They are Artists and Interior Designers by trade who are eco-friendly and bound to make this world a better place one purse at a time. I can’t wait to see the photos!

Using remnants and scraps left over from previous interior design jobs, they have hand crafted clutches, hand bags, totes and my new favorite, Pursangles. They use both bright and neutral colors marrying them together to make a chic “green” bag.

What I Wore
I had four different outfits for the shoot. It was important to me to maintain my signature classic look but also try something that I wouldn’t necessarily wear for just any event. I discovered the perfect piece in my closet that would maintain elegance yet it was a bit unexpected.

Three years ago, my Grandma had given me a beautiful ivory colored vintage dress that she wore to cocktail parties and other events when she was my age. Sushanta accessorized it with two gorgeous necklaces that she carefully created with gorgeous rust colored stones from her ArtnCreation – “Jewelry With Attitude” line.

I have never modeled before so this was a new experience. I was so tense and had a hard time remembering to relax but Naz and Sushanta quickly put me at ease and made me laugh for almost the whole shoot. We had such a great time. I will upload the photos as soon as I get them. In the meantime, check out what these women are doing to make the world a greener place.

Empowering World Change

Zansus Purses



  1. How wonderful of you to blog about this. If I were a blogger I would blog about wonderful it was to work with you. How thoughtful you were to think of everything ahead of time and pick exactly the right outfits. How generous you were with your time and how gorgeous you are, it make choosing the photos very difficult.
    More importantly you have a brilliant personality that shines through your eyes and your smile. Best wishes and Zansus Kisses.


  1. [...] for extra volume and semi-matte fun. It’s even cute for a trip to the beach. I used it in the Zansus Photo Shoot as well (see below) and had serious lift that lasted the entire shoot. I love this [...]

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