ZAGAT Has Posted The 10 New Rules of Dining Etiquette: How Do You Fair?

6123582 wine glasses on a table in a restaurant ZAGAT Has Posted The 10 New Rules of Dining Etiquette: How Do You Fair?I happened to catch this on the Today Show this morning and had to share. With all of the new technology and rules of interaction, how does one know that they are doing the right thing? Well ZAGAT is here to help.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ZAGAT, I can briefly fill you in. Originally it began as a restaurant rating system in the late 70′s covering New York City by compiling various reviews by diners and providing that information to the public. It has since become one of the most recognized resources world wide and can be found in numerous major metropolitan cities. ZAGAT has expanded to reviewing more than just restaurants and remains the resource that diners turn to time and time again.

The 10 New Rules of Dining Etiquette was posted today by Mr. Tim Zagat himself. ZAGAT did a survey to find the answers to the article above and found that the ways of the world has changed when it comes to dining. They found that the women are inviting, ordering and paying the bill. Women are also no longer expected to order first. Times they are a changin’! But I say for the better.

etiquette ZAGAT Has Posted The 10 New Rules of Dining Etiquette: How Do You Fair?Here is the list of the new etiquette rules as stated by ZAGAT.

1. EQUALITY: Women and men should be treated as equals. Still, a plurality of diners says that men are treated better than women. The explanation given is that men are more likely to pay the bill and tip. How dated can you be? She probably earns more than you.

2. PAYING FOR IT: Whoever initiates a dinner date pays. Long ago, women were handed menus with no prices on them. Nowadays, whoever did the inviting should be expected to pay for the meal, unless you’ve worked out another arrangement in advance.

3. ORDERING FOOD: Forget gender – people should order when ready. Sorry, Emily Post, but gone are the days when women were expected to go first. Since menus can be long and complex, regardless of your sex it’s a courtesy to order first and buy your tablemates a bit more time to decide.

4. HANDHELD VICES: Do not talk, text, tweet, email or surf the web at table. It’s rude, say 63% of diners. A whopping 73% advise turning off ringers. If you have urgent business to deal with, step away from the table briefly to handle matters.

5. KIDS, KIDS, KIDS: It’s fine to bring children to dinner in most restaurants. But don’t do it at places where they’d elevate the decibel level or that are meant to be romantic. Zagat surveyors split over the age at which children should be allowed: 38% say from birth while the same percent argues five years or older. Tellingly, 61% believe restaurants should be able to ban children.

6. DRESSING DOWN OR UP: Dress casually. This is known as the “Los Angelization of dining.” Hardly any restaurants require ties and jackets anymore. Even the tiny minority that do won’t object if you put your jacket over the back of the chair. About the only rule left is “don’t be a slob.” Alternatively, you may want to “dress up” to impress your companion.

7. SERIOUS RESERVATIONS: Honor your restaurant reservations or cancel them on time. People should treat dining reservations as the important commitments they are. Holding an empty table for a no-show does real damage to a restaurant. If you make reservations and fail to cancel in advance, you’ll deservedly become persona non grata at the restaurant.

8. OK, NOW GET OUT: Don’t overstay your welcome at a busy restaurant. To clarify: Take your time and enjoy your food, wine, conversation and after-dinner treats. Nobody should ever feel rushed. Interestingly, 60% of Zagat surveyors nationally support restaurants setting time limits on tables during peak hours. Remember, next time you may be the one waiting in line.

9. LONG LIVE CHIVALRY: Men go through doors first, and then hold them open for women. We know, we know. This is the one rule of chivalry that will never die, even if it’s been updated (men used to allow women to go first). Bottom line: two people can’t go through a door at the same time. So to the women out there who find this notion antiquated, please, humor these poor men. Let them get the door – they’ll let you get the bill or walk on the outside once out on the street.

10. REMEMBER YOU’RE THE CUSTOMER: And the customer is always right. Too often customers feel they are being judged by the wait staff. That’s exactly wrong. Short of berating the waiter, you should expect to receive hospitable, efficient service and good food at any restaurant. If that doesn’t happen, take your money elsewhere and tell the next ten people that you meet.

Photo Credit: Zagat


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