Yogurt: The New Coca Cola? Alarming Sugar Levels

You all know that I get really fired up over food and what we feed our kids. The article below will BOGGLE YOUR MIND. Let me ask you this: Would you give your child soda for dinner? Would you feed them ice cream for breakfast? Would you eat 14 sugar cubes in the middle of the day just because it’s trendy? Chances are extremely high that you have said NO to these inquiries.

Now, riddle me this. Why would you give your child a yogurt for breakfast when it is has more sugar than a Krispy Creme glazed donut and a serving of ice cream combined? In the same day, you casually stroll into Starbucks to get yourself a grande vanilla frappuchino and your kid an “Odwalla Superfood drink”. Superfood sounds really healthy and looks healthy because it’s some gross green color but in fact has more sugar than a can of coke and a Krispy Cream glazed donut combined.  Not to mention the sugar laden frappuccino that you just ingested which accounts for both of those and then some. Hmmmm….a marketer told you that it was healthy… YIKES! Marketers are playing on the ignorance of the public and unfortunately it is working.

This is where the article below comes in handy. There are numerous foods on the market today that are making us fat. Why? Partly due to the high sugar content. Understand that you can still have convenient foods without the dangers of these chemically altered ingredients. It is as simple as educating yourself on what ingredients really are and the body’s reaction to each.

My friend Sara posted an article on Facebook today that was written around this woman’s findings and I had to share it. The author, Darya Pino, is a local Bay Area foodie who is a scientist, advocate and writer. She has a great blog called Summer Tomato which includes recipes, market reviews, tips, science and much more. I highly suggest that you visit her blog, become a fan on FB, request a copy of her guide: How To Get Started Eating Healthy and learn everything you can from her because she is a GENIUS.

Darya Pino’s Info:

Blog: http://summertomato.com/

Article: Shocking: Sugar Content of Common Food Products


  1. Thanks for the shout out (and for calling me a genius *blush*)! So glad you found my article useful :)

    • sugarlips says:

      No, thank you! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your page. It is so informative and approachable. I especially like the recipes and the market pics with explanation. I love the market and don’t go often enough (I’m in the East Bay). I support you and encourage you to keep up the great work!!


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