You Are What You Eat – If You Can’t Read It, Don’t Eat It

This section is going to test some readers. It holds people accountable for their actions and may sting a bit. I am really passionate about today’s piece and it’s clear. Just remember, I am not the bad guy here. I call it how I see it and not everyone will like it. With that being said, cheers to change. Let’s go forward healthier and happier.

What we consume is critical to our health. It is not only critical to ourselves but our future generations as well. I am seeing more and more children who are ridiculously heavy and are dealing with childhood diabetes. They don’t exercise and lead dormant lives. They eat take out and cheap boxed food. Their hot lunch menu consists of Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Fruits and vegetables are as foreign to them as calculus.

When I grew up we had one “fat kid” in the class and his nickname was Beef. Today, you have a sea of little Beefs and struggle to find the “normal” weight child. I put normal in quotes because today’s norm is too much. None of them are “normal” weight.

Am I a doctor? No, I have a pair of eyes. I can see that they are overweight. This is a direct result of what they are being fed by the powers that be whether that is their parents, grandparents, caregivers, whomever.

I see an overweight individual slugging down a 24 oz. frozen coffee drink loaded with partially hydrogenated oils and other garbage while nibbling on a baked good with preservatives and modified ingredients. I see a parent grabbing a # 5 for little Johnny because they just don’t want to cook. I see water being exchanged for soda. I see an apple being exchanged for a fruit snack. News flash folks: Just because it says fruit doesn’t mean that it is fruit. Convenience has taken over and it is killing our children slowly. Those choices influence their choices that form the eating habits that they take into adulthood. This is not the type of example that I want my family to see. We are the example. Let’s start leading like one.

  • Read labels: if you can’t read it, don’t eat it.
  • Start cooking. FROM SCRATCH.
  • Make better choices everyday as they will lead to lifestyle changes.
  • Change today and change for the better.

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 You Are What You Eat   If You Cant Read It, Dont Eat It


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