Winning The Race

20130228-134250.jpgSometimes the greatest gift are letters on a page. Today I was gently reminded that everything is going to be ok. Here’s my story.

I was feeling anxious and stressed over uncontrollable matters that I have no business worrying about but as many of us know, that is a difficult challenge. I can’t change them, alter the outcome, or make the present the past or the future. I can only change how I respond to what is presented as it’s presented. As I was trying to cope with the emotions that come along with avoiding this stress, I had mentioned that I was really feeling anxious. As if I am running a race against time. Within minutes, a friend reached out and said “You are! And you’re winning!”

A smile immediately came across my face as my heart sank into my stomach. You’re right. I am winning. The friend who told me this is also in a race against time. He’s dying from AIDS.  So when I look back at the second paragraph, it no longer matters. Why? Because I’m winning and I need to keep running.

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