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Being told you are loved hundreds of times a day by people you give your heart and soul to help in every way that you are able is an ethereal feeling that is, at times, overwhelming.  Being shown you are loved one day out of the year by people you love and respect eternally, is truly a very precious gift that is the very definition of priceless.

On June 25th Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips collaborated with Hesperidian Productions to celebrate and honor the businesses, designers, stylists and artists that we love and adore for their remarkable work with a day of trunk shows, hair demonstrations, tasty treats and dance performances followed by a red carpet worthy runway show featuring designs local to both Madison, WI and San Francisco, CA.  The day was designed as a tribute to the people we love and support and to share with our readers and friends why it is that we love them so very much.  What was so special about the day was that Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips, as it turned out, was humbled by the love and support that was offered to us, and we could not be more honored.

Sarah from Avant Garde Salon (and personal stylist for my cropped coif) spent the afternoon with us offering complementary tinsel extensions, completely cut and styled to suit their hair, to our guests for a little bit of sparkly glam, and sponsored a fresh new haircut and color for one of our grand prize packages.

Cindy from Sugar Sugar Shoes shared a trunk show display giving sweet and colorful treats to many of the toes that found their way to her rows of irresistible foot candy, and sponsored a special selection from her collection for each of our two grand prize packages.

Zahava from Zahava Designs shared hundreds of mouthwatering, hand made sweet treats for our table of decadent enjoyment, and sponsored her covetable handmade jewelry designs for each of 6 individual giveaway prize packages.

Dustin and Abby of Dustin Maher Fitness stopped by for a personal appearance, displayed gift cards for free weeks of boot camp, and sponsored a copy of Dustin’s Got Core DVD for each of our six individual giveaway prize packages.

Julie (pictured left) from Black Box Cosmetics shared samples of her organic skin care line and a touch of silky soft amazing with the hand lotion she allowed us to try.

Nicole (pictured right) from Divine Styles created and sponsored some unbelievably cool infused designs for our graphic imagery including Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips Who We Love 2011 posters, event cards, promotional ads and more.

Ashley from Hello Gorgeous supplied the twinkling tinsel extensions that were being added and styled by Sarah from Avant Garde as she was not able to join us for the event, but generously sponsored a haircut and color for one of our grand prize packages as well.

Joshua and Sam from Tempo Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio (the glamorous venue that housed our event for the day, thank you John) were on hand for the day offering their jaw dropping dance moves to entertain our guests with a dance performance and introductory salsa class, and were later seen gracing the runway in Hesperidian Production’s Summer Runway Show.

Beauty Blossoms sent a divine artistic expression of sweet smelling florals in summery lilac hues…which incidentally complemented both my and Jacyn’s round one wardrobe selections to the letter.  How on earth did they know?  Amazing!

Claire Ann from Gypsy Couture brought a fashionable trunk show of her one of kind designs from her runway collection and signature accessories to complement.

Effie’s Heart was unable to attend the event, but their genuine love was felt throughout the entire event as they sponsored a unique dress selection for each of our two grand prize packages, and was a featured collection in Hesperidian Productions Summer Runway Show.

Zansus Purses was unable to attend the event, but sponsored head turning, handmade eco-chic handbags for each of our two grand prize package giveaways.

Heliotrope was unable to attend the event, but sponsored natural skin care and hair care products from their highly addictive product lines for each of our two grand prize package giveaways.

Sarah Liller was unable to attend the event, but drew attention and adoration for her creativity and design as each of her flirtatious looks walked the runway in full San Francisco spirit.

Alley Collection was unable to attend, but represented well with a menswear line for the athletic male using only the highest quality of materials and beautiful design.

As the event began, we indulged in socializing and shopping in true female form.  Chatting with our girlfriends we tried on shoes, added a little pretty to our hair while checking out hot designer dresses and charmingly unique jewelry.  Every girl’s favorite things in full effect, all at once, pure heaven.





About half way through the first half of our event, a dance performance by Joshua and Sam got us on our feet with applause…and we remained on our feet for a beginner Salsa instruction, stilettos and all.  A touching video was shared with our guests by Wendy of Gio’s Garden, the cause we supported with a portion of sales from our tickets, and allowed our friends to learn a little about what touches our hearts so passionately.







Runway seats were filled, lights were staged and cameras began to flash as Hesperidian Productions began their Summer Runway Show with models adorned in unique designs from Effie’s Heart, Sarah Liller and Gypsy Couture, with featured footwear selections by Sugar Sugar Shoes styled with select the looks.  Aniu sponsored the precious time of their skillful and trendy stylists who created hair masterpieces backstage for the runway models and hostesses (thank you Stevie for my faux hawk!), and makeup artists (we love you Ashley!) painting pristine images with colorful palettes and feather soft brushes.  All glamour, all runway, seriously fashionable.  A perfect way to complete this day of celebrating the immense love we have for some fantastic people, and to thank them for the love they have given to us.






We are honored, we thank you, and we love you.  Until next year, cheers!


  1. What a wonderful way to spend the evening!!! Great fashion, great friends, and great treats to indulge in! So honored to be part of the event and I look forward to next year and many more to come! Love you ladies!!

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