White Denim, Cute Butt…Thank You Levi’s: Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week

Years ago, I gave up on Levi’s. The skinny legs and curve hating cut had little give and was anything but flattering to even the cutest of derrieres. I could sincerely make a list as long as my arm of better ways to spend my $60 than on something that insults me when I wear it.

And then, because I’m a sucker for a happy ending, I gave them a second chance.

One afternoon my online shopping experience was briefly interrupted by the gripping power of marketing through an ad that displayed woman after woman of all shapes and sizes screaming at me in white chalky text that I should discover my Curve ID. I cringed a bit when I saw the Levi’s logo at the bottom of the ad, but felt compelled to at least KNOW what my Curve ID was. No one could ever accuse me of not knowing every possible way of describing my body shape, because alas I am still holding out for the quiz that tells me I am the standard to which all other women should hold themselves. I have yet to find that quiz, but I will continue completing them until I do.

Entering Levi’s website, I take their brief quiz (several times, just to be sure) and am told that my body is best suited for the cut of a Demi Curve jean. Demi Curve jeans have a pitched waistband designed to lie properly along the curve of my hip, a slightly curved side seam to flatter the hip and thigh, and the jeans have been designed to elongate the image of the leg. Ok Levi’s, you’ve got me over a barrel. I am not impressed by the mental picture I hold of jeans gone by…but this description of the seemingly perfect pair of jeans has me painfully curious.

I order the Modern Demi Curve Skinny Jean, in white.

I need white denim for the blooming spring season of 2011 (must buy for the season), and these certainly sound like they will please the fashion gods if they fit they way they are described. Reading the customer reviews, I see that other shoppers have found them to be extremely tight and have sized up when purchasing this style, and so I followed suit. I went up a full size from what their size chart described me as, and chewed on my fingernails in nervous anticipation until they showed up at my doorstep. When they arrive, I put them on and jumped in front of my full length mirror to scrutinize them up close and personal. Oh wow. They fit PERFECTLY. I am so far beyond amazed that I can’t pull my jaw up off of the floor. They look like they were made for me, and the moment I emerge from my boudoir I get a complement on how amazing my butt looks in those jeans. BAM! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner.

Thank You Levi’s, for proving me wrong about you.


  1. Kimberlee, post a photo of you wearing them. i love white denim and never find the right one. Would love to see one on a real woman and not a photo gone through photoshop.

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