Where Does Your Food Come From?

Increase your health and wellness by researching local CSA’s and start consuming more organic products. I’m not saying that you switch everything to organic as it is a waste of resources and not feasible for all of us to do. Some products are more toxic than others when it comes to pesticides. There is a link below to the twelve most contaminated foods which would be a great place to start your transition. There are wonderful resources in every community allowing access to more organic products than ever including local farms and co-ops.

  • What do you know about CSA’s??
  • Do you know what is being added to your milk?
  • Can you eat organic products on a budget?

Here are some great resources that I have found that have been very educational.

http://www.organic.org/ This is a great resource for season shopping lists, budgeting tips and organic myth busters.

http://truefoodnow.org/ This site has information on food safety, environmental issues and current campaigns on rbGH rBST, genetically engineered crops and food, animal cloning and food consumption and global impact.

http://www.prevention.com/health/nutrition/healthy-eating-tips/organic-foods Click on the 12 most contaminated foods. YUCK.

http://www.localharvest.org/ Find a local farmer and learn more about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

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