When I Was a Little Girl…Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week- Sugar Sugar Shoes

When I was a little girl, I can vividly recall that my most favorite treat on the entire planet came to me in the form of long strips of snow white paper covered completely in evenly spaced rows of brilliantly colored drops of sugary bliss. With exception only to the rich decadence of milk chocolate, I could have imagined nothing more perfectly delicious than the feeling that would come from just seeing these confections waiting for me as I headed toward them, fistfuls of change in hand, at the front counter of the ice cream shop. The memory is one I still savor today.

Recreating a childhood memory for me in her decadent variation of Candy Land, with just a hint of sexy, I had the good fortune of being introduced to CJ, the owner of Sugar Sugar Shoes. Based in the heart of the Midwest, a former television broadcaster turned full time mommy and playmate to a beautiful little girl, CJ’s true Chicago style combined with her passion for covetable footwear has driven her straight into the arms of a fresh new business venture. The winds of change blew her direction in 2011and while she could smell playful notes of pure milk chocolate in the air…all she could see were red hot stilettos. Creating a reality from the passion that filled her heart and sole, Sugar Sugar Shoes was founded on the idea that beautiful footwear is as much an indulgent treat as a trip to the front counter at the candy shop. The selection is breathtakingly colorful, extremely inviting and each style looks slightly more delicious than the last. Brilliant hues, sky high wedges and platforms galore…shoes are priced at $29.00 per pair, shipping and tax included. The quality of each shoe is held to a high standard, the customer service is wonderful, and the Sugar Sugar Shoes shopping experience is nothing short of highly addictive.

Not being one for a flat shoe (I’m 5’2”, I’m close enough to the ground as it is), I just could not help myself when I caught a glimpse of this feathery piece of flat shoe heaven…Delta is her name, and rocking my footwear world is her game. When I saw this style, I just had to have it in my possession…flat or not. The sandal is designed with a high, zipper back heel for ease in closure, a metallic thong design and multi patterned ankle straps. But the kicker is this attention grabbing centerpiece laying across the front of my foot…soft black tassels, faux leaves, a faux leather bow, a sparkly crystal and a peacock feather. Oh my shoe loving goodness, these are Ahhhhhhmazing! I’ve worn them 4 times in one week, and that speaks volumes given the depths of my shoe collection. Flat, comfortable AND gorgeous? This is one little bon bon that will be thoroughly enjoyed over and over and over again.

Because I am not one for practicing self control with sweet indulgences for either my tummy or my toes, I also grabbed a pair of stiletto heels in a creamy shade of bone accented with a cocoa faux suede platform and woven strap that crosses the foot to join with a gold buckle at the ankle. Tall, unique, and every bit the confectionery masterpiece I hoped for. The fit is comfortable, slightly larger than I probably needed…but I always opt for a larger fit if there is an option between that and being too snug. A Dr. Scholl’s insert later, and the fit could not be more tailored for my size. Delicious!

I may not find myself at the counter of the candy shop as often as I’d like as I’ve grown into an adult, but thank you to Sugar Sugar Shoes for bringing me back to the feeling of sheer delight at the very thought of the heaven my selections will bring to me.


  1. Sabrina Gold says:

    This article makes me want to buy every pair of Sugar Sugar shoes out there and anxious for the unveiling of each new pair. Seriously, I am yours!

  2. Julie Shovers says:

    You captured my imagination Cynthia! And the shoes look delicious!

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