What Would The World Be Like Without Facebook??


My Facebook account was hacked mid-playoff game on Sunday afternoon causing both my Instagram and Facebook account to be temporarily suspended until I proved my identity by uploading my drivers license or passport picture. At first I was annoyed, then worried, now I in full on withdrawal. WTHeck!!!

I am going nuts. The two most popular social networks are taken away and I have no control. I feel like an addict. Oh wait, I am. A social media junkie.

I check in, scroll, read, view, like, comment, pin, tag, tumbl, link, tweet, retweet, favorite and chat every 20 minutes. Don’t ask me how often I Google something. Shoooot. This is killing me. What was the world like before Mark Zuckerberg? BOR-ing. No commentary, no jokes, no cheap shots, no funny images, no publicizing how cool you are by checking in to a hundred places in one day. This is for the birds. Facebook and Instagram, please take me back. All I said is I wanted to change my name to LaJacyn because good football players name starts with LaSomething. Let LaJacyn back on! Please. Seriously.
No, seriously. I need it.

The whackest part of all is that I only HOPE you see this post. Normally I would SHARE it. Oh, wait. I can’t. Argh.

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