What Are Your Make-Up Brushes Harboring?


Are you familiar with those little bumps on or around your cheeks? They aren’t big enough to be considered a pimple but large enough to be seen? Yes, those. Annoying aren’t they? They are the result of bacteria in your make-up brushes that you continue to spread with every application. Yuck!

Well I have some good news for you. You can solve that problem by cleaning your blush and powder brushes.

    Wash your bristles of each brush thoroughly with a anti-bacterial cleanser every 4-7 days. If you ate prone to acne, do it everyday but keep in mind that you will need to replace your brushes often.
    Allow for brushes to dry completely. This can take up to 24 hours.
    Get a set of back up brushes and rotate sets when cleaning the other set.
    Store them on a clean place. Throwing them in your makeup bag or near other brushes isn’t that sanitary. Be aware of where you are storing them to ensure that they stay clean. I recommend a long, single row toothbrush holder. you can place them in alternating holes.
    Head to your local Sephora or beauty counter to find selections and cleaner.


  1. To get rid of the bacteria on my makeup brushes I use BeautySoClean for a fast and easy way of cleaning my makeup brushes when they need a quick clean if they need a quick clean in the morning before putting my makeup on. Do you know that they also have a sanitizer mist and sanitizer wipes for makeup products too? Always carry a few wipes in my purse too.

  2. I use beautysoclean too! I love the wipes especially for trying lipsticks in stores and cleaning up my make up at the end of the day. The brush cleaner is nice smelling and makes the bristles so soft!!

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