Warm Outerwear for Winter- Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week: J.Crew Puffer Coat

They totally made me do it.  There I was, minding my own business in my knee length white and black plaid wool jacket trimmed in subtly placed orange stripes, when my friends called my bluff and pushed me head first into grown up outerwear territory.  Having lived my entire life in the Midwest, I am still in complete denial when it comes to winter weather necessities.  Eight years ago, I did not own a winter coat at all.  I wore a vegan friendly wrap with a dead stuffed animal trimming my neck (no judging).  Progressively over the past handful of years, I have evolved in the levels of warmth that I allow into my fashionable coverings and had finally graduated to a grown up level of outerwear rocking my wool jacket which actually covered my butt…or at least I thought I had graduated.  But when your friends laugh and tell you straight to your face that the mere sight of your winter attire makes them shiver, there’s probably something wrong with it.  Friends don’t let friends under dress.

Great, so now what?  A wool coat isn’t enough coverage to keep a girl warm in a blizzard anymore?  I had no idea.  Guided (shoved) by my friends to poke around in the world of warmth, I tried on my very first ever down filled puffer coat.  Wow.  So THAT’s how warm a person is supposed to feel in bitter cold winter air?  Who knew?  Apparently everyone but me.  And so, like a deer caught in headlights, I bought it.  After a miniature runway performance in front of the full length mirror in my room, I am now completely committed.

My new coat is kind of awesome.  It’s head to toe black as coal in a design so classic I know it won’t style out anytime soon, hits below my knee with a zipper closure covered with snaps, and a belted waist.  There is a heat preserving hood, a wind blocking collar, and even super cute little thumb holes in the ribbed cuffs at the wrist.  Every inch of it feels exactly like an electric blanket.  I stepped out of my car this morning (33 degrees on my car’s thermometer) to put gas in my car and I didn’t even feel the need to rush.  And THAT is a serious change from winters of the past.  No, it does not make me look supermodel skinny, but it does make me feel amazing.




Sugar Tip!  Who says wearing a basic black puffer coat has to lack personal style?  Add a little touch of attitude with a statement making hat!  With the warmth your down filled coat will provide, your hat can afford to be a little more fashionable and a little less practical.  Check out the collection from Albertus Swaneopel at Target, I nabbed this one for only $20 and I love every furry little inch of it!  Serious attitude in my grown up down filled winter attire! 



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