Want Kissable Lips For Valentine’s Day? Here’s How!

I LOVE the weeks leading up to Valentines Day. Everything is red and pink with yummy chocolates everywhere. Pretty black lace and flowers in every window. It is better than Christmas! Here are some tips on perfecting your pucker for the perfect kiss.

Lip Tint: This is my new favorite: C*O*Bigelow’s Mentha Lip Tint. With natural peppermint oil, it leaves your lips and breath fresh. It has a hint of color and shine and is the perfect purse staple for any occasion. (photo from www.bathandbodyworks.com) ***Don’t apply before drinking wine, it will goof up your palate and everything will smell and taste of mint.

Lip Exfoliator: This DIY system is quick, easy and completely affordable. Combine superfine sugar, honey, peppermint oil (or any other preferred oil) and a small squeeze of lemon. Stir into a paste and gently rub on lips removing any dead skin. Rinse, pat dry and follow with your favorite balm or tint.

Red Lips! This is a must! There is nothing sexier than seriously red lips. I love Dior’s Holiday Red Liner with Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in Red Stockings. Clinique High Impact Lip Color makes a lasting impression as well. (photo from Clinique.com)***Caution! Making out with red lipstick may just lead to a seriously red face…for both of you!




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