Want Brighter Eyes? Try This Trick!

Our makeup correspondent taught me a great make-up tip while taping our live demos. Before you apply your make-up, brush on a light moisturizer and primer to follow. By applying these with a brush, you have more control of how much product you put on your skin. Often, too much is applied with the use of your fingers.

After your primer dries, start to apply your favorite eyeshadow trio starting with the brow highlight.  Don’t worry about shadow falling. Whether you use shadow or eyeliner, complete your eye including mascara. When your look is perfected, add a small amount of eye make-up remover to a cotton round. I would recommend cotton squares or rounds as you will want a nice clean edge for this next step. Gently wipe away any shadow from underneath the eye. Fold over your cotton round and using the straight edge wipe your eye area starting at the corner of your eye and wipe towards your hair line at a 45 degree angle.

Begin applying your foundation as you normally would. Add a little concealor below the eye and blend it out evenly.

That is the trick to having lighter brighter eyes!


  1. Jenny Kuehneman says:

    Two additional products for BRIGHT eyes that I swear by: 1) Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch) Don't take my word for it read the reviews – I swear its AMAZING. Just dab a bit under your eyes – its an absolute must if your being photographed! and 2) If you drop a lot of shadow when smokin' up your peepers…try Paula Dorf 'Sweep Away' its a gel stick that literally erases makeup on skin, even water proof mascara!!! Enjoy xxx

  2. Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips says:

    Nice!!! Thanxxx Jenny!

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