Want A Lift? Bumble & Bumble’s Texture Adds Volume

I have always loved the way models have their hair styled in surf an swimwear magazines with their loose locks, partial waves, and semi matte look that win all the boys hearts.

I went to see Christina and she asked me if she could make a messy matte look on my hair and of course I said YES! I was headed to an event that night and was looking to switch up my style a bit. Other than getting rained on, it was perfect!

I found that I was having trouble getting volume around the crown of my head. She added some short layers and introduced me to Bumble & Bumble’s Texture product. She said it creates a matte look with a playful tossed touch. Fabulous! I want it.

She used a combination of products but the star was Bumble & Bumble’s Texture. She gave me a sample to take home and try on my own and I have been hooked ever since. I use it for extra volume and semi-matte fun. It’s even cute for a trip to the beach. I used it in the Zansus Photo Shoot as well (see below) and had serious lift that lasted the entire shoot. I love this stuff.



Cyn’s Style Tips:  ***You will want to apply the texture to damp hair or towel dried hair.

  • For a semi-matte look with volume around the crown: Apply a small amount to the palm of your hands, rub then smooth through hair at the root. Blow dry hair in layers from the base of the head to the crown with a bristle roller brush.
  • For a matte, undone look: Apply about a quarter sized dollop of product to your palm and rub through the middle and to the ends. Apply any remaining product to the roots. Use a diffuser on your blow dryer and gently wrap hair around fingers as you dry to create light waves with texture. Lift hair near root to create volume as drying.


Want More Fun? Go to Bumble & Bumble’s website and enter your take on texture for a chance to win Bumble & Bumble products.  Sign in with your facebook account to upload photos and have some fun!




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