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Meet the beautiful Ciara Peter of AnimalFriendly.Me, a blog about fashion, beauty and living. The first time I met Ciara, she was wearing these gorgeous high-heels made from recycled TVs. Believe it! Not only is she a fashionista, she is a well researched beauty product goddess. I found myself reading every article on her blog and browsing her products. I never knew that vegan fashion was so cute! I should have known from the TV shoes! They are a must see! Check ‘em out.


1) How do you define green?

Green means inflicting the lowest amount of unnecessary impact on the earth and it’s inhabitants, both people and animals. Deriving products in a peaceful manner that doesn’t deplete our resources. It’s a mindset that develops over time that causes people to demand more from the people and companies from which they make purchases, from voting with dollars to encourage manufacturers to create safer products to more personal interactions like asking the cashier at the grocery store not to use plastic bags.

In order to make the world more green, it’s essential to show people ways to be green without significantly impacting their everyday lives. With the emergence of easily accessible and inexpensive clothing, beauty products, and home essentials it’s now possible to do this.

2) when choosing clothing, what factors do you consider when it comes to materials and country of origin?

Fashion and beauty are two categories that otherwise environmentally and ethically conscious consumers continue to overlook. Vegetarians wear leather, environmentalists wear toxic makeup – possibly because they can’t find greener sources, but more likely because they haven’t yet made the connection between their ethics and purchasing decisions – i.e. believing animal skins are a byproduct of the meat industry.

My number one priority is making sure there are zero animal products in my clothing. A lot of vegan clothing is green by default, using high-tech recycled materials to replicate the quality of faux leather and suede, but some lower end synthetics use toxic materials so it’s important to still do your research. And some green and vegan companies outsource manufacturing to keep costs low. While we’re still in a phase of creating demand for green products unfortunately as consumers we still sometimes have to prioritize ethics to stay in balance with our budgets. Hopefully as time goes on we’ll start to see more affordable green fashion and beauty products becoming available. Lots of shoes made from synthetics are still lined with leather or have leather soles. I’m looking forward to seeing more innovation in these materials, as lack of high quality green materials prevents designers from using more eco-friendly options. OlsenHaus has come the closest IMO, as their materials last almost as long as leather. Unfortumately a lot of rubber isn’t vegan, so I generally stick to a few companies I know only use animal friendly products, rather than buying products that appear to be vegan.

3) what are your favorite green products and where do you find them?

Right now, I stick to a few favorite brands when shopping for shoes and bags because I know the quality matches up to their ethics. For shoes, I buy OlsenHaus and bags I buy Matt & Nat. I try to buy them from places that sell non-green and vegan products to show that there’s demand (Bloomingdales and Nordstrom carry their items from time to time). I buy most beauty products from Sephora’s natural section, and stick to brands like Korres, Josie Maran, and Tarte because most items are eco and animal friendly and properly labeled so I can see whether they fit my requirements. LUSH will always be a favorite for bath products, and beyond that I now look for spas that use green companies and make sure to comment positively when they do! There are also some amazing ethical sites I use like Pure Citizen and Vegan Cuts, which offer daily and weekly deals on green and vegan products. NIMLI and Ecolissa also have a really great selection of eco-friendly and vegan clothing.

Ciara Peter is a writer at, a blog about vegan fashion, beauty, and living.

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