Valentine’s Day Quiz: What Kind of Valentine Are You?

Having trouble figuring out your Valentine’s Day plans? Don’t know what is appropriate for your relationship? Take the quiz and find out your Valentine personality and a few creative ideas for your Valentine’s Date.

1) How long have you been dating your Valentine?

a) less than a month

b) under 6 months

c) over a year

d) two or more years

2) What direction do you see your relationship going?

a) South. Get me out of it

b) I enjoy our time together but am unsure of where we are headed

c) I have a love jones

d) I am so in love that I am consumed

3) Select from the following statements to complete this sentence: Valentine’s Day is

a) a lame Hallmark holiday

b) a day to celebrate each other and the fun that we have together

c) a super sexy and utterly sensual holiday that celebrates human sexuality

d) a for toasting French champagne and making love under the Eiffel Tower

4) What is an ideal Valentine’s date for you?

a) playing Xbox at home

b) a movie and milkshakes

c) a weekend getaway for two, going to see live theater or the ballet, flowers and candlelight dinner

d) a five course dinner at Fleur de Lys and a suite at the Four Seasons with candles throughout the room and rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed.

5) When you think of Valentine’s Day gifts, what comes to mind?

a) a card

b) sweet treats and flowers

c) a spa package

d) champagne, caviar and lingerie

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Your Score:

If you answered mostly B

  • Easy Going: Somewhat shy, looking to share time but maybe not too much face time or intimacy because it’s too new or you share a casual relationship that is comfortable.

If you answered mostly C

  • Lover’s Lane: This is the relationship that’s vibrant and sexy, undiscovered and new. Get creative and spend sometime researching and planning a fun yet approachable date. You are spontaneous and open to new adventures, passionate and outgoing.

If you answered mostly D

  • A True Romantic: You don’t need ideas, you already have them. Do what you do best, remain the romantic that you are.

If you answered mostly A

  • A Valentine Scrooge: You might want to get a new valentine or be your own valentine.

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