Twinkle, Twinkle Little Rock Star: Kimberlee’s Fashion Friday Pick of The Week

I’m a rock star.

I totally get that you may not think so at first glance, because I am quite the master of disguise with my Les Paul guitar tucked inside my larger than life Melie Bianco fringe trimmed bag and my oh-so-phony “do not attempt that on American Idol” singing.  In fact, one of the few details that expose my true identity to my unsuspecting public can be found dangling 3” from my ears on rock star inspired chains hanging from uniquely designed sterling silver ear wires.  They are shamelessly indulgent with brilliant Swarovski sparkle scattering luster across the room with their jet black crystals.

Swimming in a sea of glorious accessories,

it is easy to become pre-occupied with the limitless options. Never having been one for a repetitive look, this pair of earrings speaks so loudly to my personality that I have found them to be my first “signature” statement in jewelry.  The Rock Me earrings by Zahava Designs are sensationally hypnotic, and the simplicity of the design generates maximum rock star effect with minimal effort.  The ethereally lovely grains of starlight have quickly become my sanctuary.  They unique ear wires offer a touch of heavy metal rock & roll to every wardrobe selection, from a t-shirt and jeans to a date night affair.

The simplicity of the design evokes a sophisticated spirit, while the timeless

twinkle of the Swarovski Crystal

breeds alluring femininity.  I love them.  I love them so much that I purchased them in my favorite staple jet black, a stunning accentuating turquoise blue, and neutral golden amber to pair with my autumn browns and oranges.   At a mere $25 per pair, these have become the most coveted bargain in my collection of trophies from shopping trips gone by.
Zahava Designs has been creating timeless designs strung with stunning Swarovski Crystals, pearls, beads and fine metals for the past 7 years.  The collections that have come from their creativity capture elements from the simply stunning to the extremely extraordinary.  The colors and options that are available in each hand-crafted design are seemingly endless, when custom colors and variations are requested (via email ).   Zahava Designs offers truly amazing pieces, and I have witnessed firsthand that the images on the website simply do not do justice to the captivating beauty of each piece.  It is rather difficult, I suppose, to capture the twinkle of a star in a photograph.

Alas, the reality is…

I am not really a rock star,

your instincts were right when you assumed my bad singing was 100% natural. 

But in these amazing little gems, I absolutely feel like one.

***Thank you to Zahava Designs for being a proud sponsor of the Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips One Year Anniversary Party!


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