Travel Tips: What’s In My Carry-On? Items To Help Keep You Beautiful In Flight

I travel throughout the year for various occasions and I always carry the same items to ensure I have a great flight. The air is dry and the seats, blankets and pillows are know bacteria pools so what can you do to combat that? Here are a few ravel tips along with some must have items for my carry-on.

I typically fly red-eye but when I don’t, I dress for the occasion that I am headed to just in case I run into someone else who is going to the same event. Whatever you do, don’t wear your sweats. First impressions are lasting impressions and you never know who will be sitting next to you.

  • Bring along your favorite Face Moisturizer with SPF (travel size 3oz or less).

    SUGAR TIP**** I make sure to have my face washed and apply a heavier moisturizer with SPF to help keep my skin looking supple even at 35,000 feet. The SPF helps with the rays that penetrate the window in the wee hours of the morning.

  • Don’t forget your sunglasses! They not only protect your peepers, they also hide any unsightly AM bags…and I am not talking about your luggage.
  • I also make sure that I brush and floss prior to departure and keep a small bottle of non-alcohol mouth rinse in my bag.¬† Rinse before speaking…
  • Always carry Lip Balm to avoid getting chapped lips. My Fave? Alba Botanica TerraTint Lip Balm. It provides just a hint of color while keeping your kisser smooth and soft.
  • Hand cream- My hands tend to get really chapped in flight. Keep them smooth and soft with your favorite hand cream. My fave? Heloitrope’s Aloe & Shea Butter Hydrating Lotion
  • A pen and Notebook: I do my best work in the air… maybe it’s the lack of oxygen. Whatever the reason, if the creative mood strikes, document your brilliance. My Fave? The Mod Floral Notepads from Target. 3 pack for $4.99. They are small and easy to carry on without added weight.
  • a current fashion mag- For inspiration of course!
  • a neck pillow: BYONP- Yes, Bring your own neck pillow. This way you know that it is clean and once you arrive at your destination, machine wash it before¬† you take off again. Mom made me one for all of my travels and boy is it useful! Thanks Mom!

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