Top 3 Mascaras That Lift, Plump and Extend Your Lashes and Application Tips

Every woman in the world wants to feel beautiful. The difference between feeling good and feeling great can be a small modification that transforms my energy. Mascara is the one product that I can’t live without. If I had to choose two things to carry with me, it would be a toothbrush and mascara.

SUGAR TIP for Choosing the Perfect Wand***

Finding the wand that works best for your look can be tricky. I find that if the wand has short bristles and are the same length from end to end, the look is less dramatic and more conservative. If the wand has longer bristles that are the same length from end to end, the look is bolder and more dramatic.  Some wands have longer bristles on one end and shorter bristles towards the end of the wand. This and a curved brush is ideal for those who have a hard time getting into the inner corners of the eye.

<—-Before Mascara

I have tried many different brands of mascara and have found the one that works best for my lashes. Everyone has different desires when choosing a mascara so I will mention what I look for and why some of the choices below work well for different situations. All of my choices below will not flake off and are water resistant. I don’t like waterproof mascara as it is too hard to get off for me. Because my lashes are longer, it tends to get underneath my eyes and is hard to get off from smiling and laughing. Can’t stop that now can I? I love a good giggle.

Top 3 Favorite Mascaras

Number 1: Clinique High Impact $14

Number 2: DiorShow $24

Number 3: Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara $14

SUGAR TIP for The Perfect Application***

Take the wand at the lash line and wiggle it back and forth to separate your lashes. Continue in one fluid motion to the tips of your lashes and repeat until the desired thickness is achieved.

Clinique High Impact

Why: This is my daily go-to tube. I love a bold, black lash line. This one lifts, thickens and extends and is perfect for a dramatic lash but can be used daily for a definitive look. I have tried others but nothing compares to this one; I always go back to it. Bring on the volume!! LOVE.

With Mascara——–> Now you see why I can’t live without it.


Why: This is for maximum drama. This mascara gives an extra bold look by adding more as it dries.  You can go fora bold, stunning, I demand your attention look or a quick once over will set you straight for the day.

Clinique Lash Doubling

This is a little on the conservative side for me. When I want a soft, casual eye, this is what I choose. It lengthens and defines without thickening too much and taking away from my subtle, soft make-up day. If you crave a look that is defined yet understated, this is your tube. It will last for the entire day and remain beautiful.

SUGAR TIP For Extra Lift*** Apply your mascara with one or two strokes from lash line to tip. Allow for your lashes to dry just long enough to apply mascara to your second eye. Go back and hold the wand at the base of your lash line and lift bringing your lashes up towards your eyebrows and hold. This allows for your mascara to set and lifts your lashes. Repeat on your other eye.

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