Tips To Increase Your Sex Appeal

I have a super sexy friend who can capture the attention of an entire room without even trying. Her walk, her talk, her style, her attitude and grace makes her undeniable and she knows it. I love it! I had to unlock her secret so I tagged along to see her in her element attempting to learn from the best.

Every girl has a friend who teaches you something that you take with you always. Given that her swagger is innate, she has picked up more along the way as have I. When I was 16, my friend, JB, taught me how to walk like a lady. He stressed the importance of a sexy, secure walk and I have never forgotten it. When I was 20, I dated a man who refined me. He taught me how to dine, converse, and learn to become the very best that I can be. At 34, I learned to be comfortable in my own skin from someone ten years my younger.  I will never forget these lessons. I hope these tips resonate with you the way they have with me.

Here are a few tips that I have learned from the greatest. Enjoy! Cyn

1) Educate yourself and contribute to conversations. Also, know who is the “Who’s Who” of the circles that you run in or want to run in.

2) Self care is king. Take care of your body and yourself. Workout so that your body is long, lean and mean. Keep your appearance on point by making sure that your hair, nails and make-up is always presentable. Remember, you ARE your brand.

3) Walk the walk and talk the talk. Walk as if you demand the attention of everyone in the room and speak with grace- Don’t be crass.Just make sure that you don’t slip/wipe out or step on someone’s toes. It’s a real buzz kill.

4) Be Responsible and Independent. How can you demand the respect if you don’t respect yourself?

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