Tips For Brewing The Perfect Cup of Coffee


Hello Monday. We meet again. Like the majority of Monday morning commuters, I am reliant on my coffee to give me the boost that I need to get going. Here are some tips for brewing the perfect cup o’ joe.

Some Like It HOT!
Water temperature is vital. According to the experts at Pacific Bay Coffee Company, the key to making coffee just right is brewing it at 200 degrees consistently.

Back To The Grind
Depending on How you brew your coffee, depends on what type of grind you will need. One of my favorite sites, How To Brew Coffee, provides tutorials for different brewing methods including French Press, Turkish, Percolator, Vietnamese, and more. They recommend consistency in the grind. Ideally, you want your coffee grinds to be the same size. Without a consistent grind, your coffee can taste bitter.

Mugs are so personal. It often is a direct reflection of my mood that morning. Am I relaxing and catching up on world news with a mug or am I running behind and mean business with my large 20oz. stainless steel travel mug? Choose from porcelain, glass, bone china, ceramic, or stainless steel. For travel, I feel that porcelain holds the heat the best followed by stainless steel. At home, I prefer a thick ceramic mug. Perfect for a Monday such as this!

Photo: Pacific Bay Brewing Company

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