Tips For Accessorizing: Get the Look!

Sometimes those on the Vogue’s “Best Dressed” list aren’t my favorite choices but it’s all a matter of opinion right? Well, here’s mine.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Too many  can take over and too few can take away compromising your entire look. Sometimes I love to layer my pieces creating a chaotic scene where the jewelry is the focal point.  Other times I like to stick to the classic pieces that subtly say “she’s a classic beauty”. So where do you start?

You start with the outfit. What is it you are trying to communicate? For example, you have an event such as a wedding, a fund raiser, a date, drinks with the girls etc. What is the message that you want a complete stranger to get by just looking at you? When you walk into the room and the attention is on you, what is the initial impression? Now, take that to the next level. What do your accessories say about you


If you have big earrings don’t wear a big necklace and vice versa.

Layering is absolutely acceptable. Bangles, rings, necklaces. The more the merrier.

Less is more. When headed to a formal affair, choose classic pieces and be very selective. Pearls, diamonds, or gemstones.

Scarves are fun to wrap, wear, double as a coat, tie onto a handbag, or use as a belt. They are very versatile and add a pop of color to any outfit.

Investments: Pieces to invest in for long term wear.

Invest on one designer handbag that you can wear season after season.

Invest in a nice watch.

Invest in a classic pair of round cut diamond earrings.  Buy these from a reputable jeweler and try to choose a color and clarity between I and D for brilliance. Picture on left from Tiffany & Co.

***Before you read the next section please note! Be aware of counterfeit designer pieces. Buy only from the official website or a reputable retail location such as Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Nordstrom or designer boutique.  Do not support counterfeit products. ***

Can’t afford designer? Get The look for a percent of the price.

Watch: Of course Cartier Tank FranÇaiseis my favorite pick. In gold of course. Can I afford it? No, not today but non the less it is my classic pick. A comaprable choice would be the Citizen Eco Drive Watch from Macys.

Photo from

Handbag: When it comes to handbags, we wear them out. They carry everything and go everywhere which means they carry a disgusting amount of germs. It’s good to switch them out and rotate your collection. You can find numerous bags in the market that will give you the look you are going for without the designer price like this tote from Target.

Designer: Kate Spade Knightsbridge MaryAnne $495 on left from Photo from Kate Spade website.

Comparable look on right: Target Merona Croco Work Tote $29.99. photo on right from

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