Times They Are A-Changin’: Is Your Job Secure?

I read a really interesting article this morning titled If You’re An Average Worker, You Are Going Straight To The Bottom by Seth Godin. Of course this immediately caught my eye. After yesterday’s Facebook Timeline updates and changing career paths from a high stress, managerial role to a low stress manageable role, I tend to feel average. Platforms, software, social networks and communications have had complete overhaul and keeping up with these changes is a full time job. The question is, am I another average employee? What separates me from others? How are my skills unique? What do I bring to the table?

In the article referenced above, Godin speaks to the fact that business is changing and it is crucial that you change with it. Here are a few things to consider to rise up to the top instead of sinking down to the bottom.

1) What’s your specialty? Take that skill and leverage it. Come up with a list of advantages to this skill and create a small case for each.

2) Is there an area that you are an expert in? Learn everything you can about that area of expertise and share your knowledge. Create a newsletter or a blog, write a book or hold advisory sessions. If you are missing a particular area or skill, team up with another expert and pool resources.

3) What’s your weakest link? Do some soul searching with yourself and find out what skills you need to develop. You can only avoid these so long before it’s seen as a disadvantage. Figure out what it is you need to develop and seek out resources to do so.

4) Be Social It’s time to spread your wings and become a social network user. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Learn the basics of each platform so you can speak to them when asked.

5) Stay professional on your social networks it’s ok to be candid and personal but always keep in mind that an employer or a potential employer could be reading your updates.

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