THREAD SHOW Recap: And The Winner Is…

The Metreon was buzzing with stylistas from all over the Bay Area Sunday and I was one of them. Vendors were strategically arranged throughout the City View Room with a breathtaking view of San Francisco. The DJ was droppin’ beats while everyone else was droppin’ dollars on the up and coming designers that showcased their goods. I was one of five carefully selected fashion Bloggers to participate in the SFFAMA Live Style Series and I came home a winner. Thank you to EVERYONE who made this possible.



Whew! What a day! I had the pleasure of meeting some serious talent at THREAD Show yesterday. I arrived around 11:30 AM and was whisked away by Dara Bu of Elle Communications for a quick tour of the show and where our models would be competing.


We were assigned a personal assistant, six models, and approximately 20 minutes to style each model to create six looks. My assistant, Zohal pictured right, is a bright and talented student who has what it takes to be very successful in the fashion industry. I was blessed to have such an amazing woman helping me organize the show. The model’s hair and make-up was done by Star Symmetric and Nikol Elaine Artistry.  Shoes were provided by Bay Bertea of form&fauna.


The Looks:

I don’t have a picture of my final look yet but I will try to get it.

Jessica: I wanted to create looks that reflected the current color trends. I tried to color block and use classic colors paired with bright, bold shades. Jessica (below) is wearing a beautiful bright purple shade that matched her beautiful blue eyes and pink feather extension. Shoe: Form&Fauna Palm Frond (right)

Yasmin: This was my favorite look of all. Yasmin is such an elegant, gorgeous model with poise and class. When we created this look for her, we used a beautiful bright aqua blue dress underneath a flowy navy blue blouse. Her blue lipstick from our make-up artists was an inspiration and I had to add one feather earring to bring in a pop of trend. Shoes: Christian Louboutin











Laina: Less is more with Laina’s look. I chose a lavender dress with splashes of coral and blue. I paired this look with a gorgeous Form&Fauna Havana pump.

Jake: We had to style one male model and had a very limited selection. I layered him in two collared shirts leaving them open to expose the 80′s inspired black stallion tee underneath. I rolled the sleeves to show his ink to make the look.

Coco: Inspired by gold and Greek goddesses, we layered Coco in soft shades of cream. It is two dresses combined into one. I scrunched the top of the second dress to create skirt and a belted waist. The detail on the bottom of the “skirt” was accentuated by length of the dress underneath. We used the belt from the dress to create a neck piece which you can see better in the second photo. I paired it with multi-colored shoes to break up the color monotony.
















Chelsea: The final look was completed in 8 minutes flat. We had very little time and even fewer clothes. I decided to go all trend and color block loud, vibrant, attention grabbing shades and of course the ever stylish feather. I chose a denim inspired wedge shoe and bright coral lips, which was my favorite part.



What I Won: I won a swag bag filled with 2 dresses and a tote from Effie’s Heart, earrings from Aya Papaya, a necklace from Coatt, a sweater from liaMolly and lots of goodies in the bottom. Zohal and I divided the looks and went home happy and styled.






  1. Hi Jacyn,
    The gal you have up as “Coco” on your post is not Coco. I’m not sure what her name is. Coco (me) was the model for your final – Grecian look. I’d appreciate it if you’d make the correction and – Congratulations.

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