The September Issue: 2010 Fall Fashion Forecast

It’s no surprise that the September Issue is the most anticipated release of the year for me. I love fall fashion and everything about the season. The endless sea of black and outwear options for my cool morning commute. The smell of the crisp cool air as it permeates my lungs. The sound that the leaves make as they crunch under my new knee high boots. A warm latte to invigorate my senses making me more aware of the well coordinated outfits of the season. Fall is in the air

As I perused the September issues for this seasons trends, I found myself daydreaming of my new closet consisting of cashmere, prints, animal skins, leather and jackets of all kinds. Layers and layers of clothes and a complete season of bliss.

Here are some of the trends for fall 2010. Keep your eye out for options in the market that will give you the look without the designer price tag. Piperlime has great jackets this year; you will find furs, leather, military style and much more. LuLu’s has great boots, Melie Bianco has great bags.

2010 Fall Forecast: Trends To Look For

Outerwear: Capes, Military, Leather and Fur. Burberry has a nice line up this year.

Shoes: Thigh-high boots, clogs and boots with the fur…I am also seeing 2 inch heels.

Leather: Leather pant, leather jackets, leather boots. I love leather pants!

Animal Print: I am seeing animal print from Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo.

Dresses with full skirts: Click here to see Louis Vuitton’s  2010 Fall Fashion Show with a show of longer, full skirts and their fall handbag collection.

High waists and wide legs: See Salvatore Ferragamo Fall RTW line and this look from Chloe

Cut out clothing: I am seeing cut out pants, shirts and dresses

Braces and straps: on boots, clothing and handbags

Sequins: on clothing and handbags

Sheer material

Click here for a great video with a recap from

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