The Secret to Crystal Clear Windows: Green Clean

For those of you who know me, I am NO Martha Stewart. I get by and try to be creative but when it comes to tricks of the trade, I still have quite a bit of learning to do.Today, I received the tip.

I live in a second floor rental unit and like most rentals, the maintenance is taken care of by the Landlord. My Landlord happens to be the most attentive Landlord one could have and always willing to help out. I also don’t like to bother her because of it and I often try to do as many things as I can on my own but today I needed help removing my windows to clean them.

Many of you are homeowners so you understand the pain cleaning the windows can be especially on the second floor. And most of you may already know this little secret but I still think it’s worth sharing.  I learned a little trick that will go along way and doesn’t require much.

All you need is really hot water, a sponge and a squeegee. That’s the secret. I have been Windexing away and leaving small streaks behind for years and now I too know the secret to crystal clear windows. The extra hot water dissolves the dirt and with two swipes of water, you are ready to squeegee. Profound. I think I can see the Atlantic from my window.

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