The Power of Positive Thought: Ways To Think Yourself Happy and Become More Attractive

Good morning, Monday. I love Mondays. It signifies a new beginning and a fresh start and offers an entire week of optimism and excitement to accomplish everything you have set out to accomplish. The past two weeks have been difficult for me on a personal note. I have been struggling with difficult decisions and emotional strains causing me angst and I have been acting out of sorts as a result.  I had a moment of clarity last night and thought I would share.

I am a very positive thinker. I have a great attitude and try my best to inspire those around me every chance I get. I offer support, love and assistance whenever possible. I nurture and teach but also grasp the opportunity to learn. One of the struggles that I have been dealing with is negative energy and thoughts from the people who surround me at work. The negativity is seeping from their pores and has the weight of concrete boots; it’s killing me… literally. It’s like a disease that infects everyone. The good news is positivity is just as infectious. Having a positive outlook is far more attractive and can lead to a greater self confidence. Here are a few ways to counteract negativity in the workplace or in your life.

1) Be a Role Model: Greet each day with a fresh outlook. Choose to make the best of your day by smiling, practicing genuine acts of kindness and engaging in positive personal conversations. ***Remember, you are not a therapist and you are not obligated to listen to the woes of your co-workers personal lives. You are there to make them laugh, smile and bring the best out in them by showing them genuine respect.

2) Stop Gossiping: Gossiping is like a tornado. It starts out small and fierce and becomes this horrible event that trashes everything and everyone in sight. Chances are you don’t know what you are talking about anyway so zip the lip. Choose to talk about something else like a new restaurant or a new spa treatment that you recently experienced first hand. Change the conversation, change your life.

3) Be Constructive Not Destructive: Offer constructive feedback and don’t criticize. By offering positive feedback, you will help nurture someones growth rather than stunt it. Focus on the positives and work together on the areas of opportunity.

4) Choose Who You Spend Your Time With Wisely: Sometimes trying to be a friend is actually doing yourself a disservice. Pick your friends like you pick your fruit. If you bite into an apple, and it is rotten in the core, discard and move on.

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