The New School Is In Session: Leather Look For Chilly Nights

Put away your pencils and your papers the old school ways are no longer. This is the new school with lessons that one can only observe and experience. Recently I have been taking a different type of class taught by a very close friend. I have been studying art of networking and the social dynamics of various groups. My first lesson was a fashion lesson, which is always my favorite kind!

Lesson Number One: Always have a HOT leather jacket accessible because SF is COLD. Easy enough, right? So I started scouring the internet searching for real leather, faux leather and all hot jackets in between and here are my favorite two!

Guess Metalic Faux Leather Scuba Jacket

I found this one on the Nordstrom website. Super cute, well fitted and a cool price tag of $98.00! What a steal! I especially like the high neck because it keeps those cool winds out while giving you a long, lean sexy look.

Wearing Your Leather Jacket

Pair your leather with a dress or skirt for maximum femininity. I also will wear it with jeans for a day of shopping. I tend to choose the faux leather for the shopping day because it is lighter to carry if you take it off. Don’t forget to protect your real leather with a spray or a treatment of some sort to protect it from the rain and snow.

Ruffle-Trimmed Tiered Leather Jacket

Now this one I think is just mean! In a good way of course. Fierce, sexy, semi-tough but still feminine. $218 from Victoria’s Secret.

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