The Dustin Maher Challenge! Join Sugar Lips and Start Shaping Up!

We had an amazing amount of readers check out Kim’s article “I am an Exercise Hater” posted earlier this month. she has been posting her results and adding in new challenges to her routine. As a result of this popularity AND amazing results, I have decided to take the challenge and I am inviting you to do so too.

For those of you who are not familiar with Dustin, he has been shaping up Moms all over the country with his programs. No, I am not a Mom but I am pushing 10 high and could use a serious boot camp to get me back in line. Here is a video and his website for your review. I love the before and after pics.

Here is what to do

1) Check out his web page and video to see if you would like to join in the fun.

2) Go onto my Facebook  fan page (search or send me an email ( stating that you want to join in.

3) Choose a day that you would like to start

4) Log your weekly results and post on the Facebook fan page or send them to me so I can post them. If you want to be anonymous, please note that in your email.


  1. I look forward to working with more moms from all over the world!


  2. I love that I’m sitting in a puddle of SWEAT from my second round of Level 3 of Got Core reading this…I think I just swore at Dustin with that last exercise…but my abs are thanking him!!!

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