The Bee Keepers Best: Sustainable Green Honey

Stop eating white sugar start eating honey.

When I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii, I met a Lawyer turned Bee Keeper who is extremely passionate about his honey and the process by which it was made. This rare, organic, white delicacy comes from a single kiawe forest at sea level on the dry side of the Big Island called Puako. Once I experienced the farm and tasted it for myself, I knew that I would never choose anything else.

It is common knowledge that refined sugar is considered toxic and has been linked with numerous diseases and obesity. Here are a few fun tid-bits about honey and why it is the better choice.

  • Honey is a great alternative to white sugar as it has a lower Glycemic Index.
  • Did you know that honey is absorbed directly into the body because the bees add a special enzyme to the nectar dividing the sucrose into glucose and fructose? Amazing!
  • Honey is naturally sweeter so you will use less saving numerous calories.
  • I also heard that if you are dealing with allergies, eating a local honey can help your body acclimate.

Eat more honey. It’s the healthier choice. If you really want to experience honey in it’s natural form, get in touch with the Bee Keeper. It will knock your socks off…the info is below.

Visit Volcano Island Honey online to learn more about the process and philosophy behind the most AMAZING, rare, organic honey in the whole wide world.

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