The Art of a Hand Written Note: Resources for Personalized Stationary

When I think of classic elegance, I imagine a social scene or an evening where the ladies are adorned in fur, pearls and beautiful high heels and the men are in smoking jackets holding a Manhattan discussing their business near a well stocked bar. The hosts sent out hand written invites or made a phone call to invite their best friends to ring in the holidays with them.

In 2010, we send Evites, text or chat on social networks. We rarely hear each others voices and never get an invite in the mail. When my mom got remarried, her husband had us write hand written thank you cards to everyone who had given us a gift. I was hesitant, as all teenagers are, but now see the power of a hand written note. It is a personal touch that requires thought and care and may become a keepsake.

Here are a few resources for you to find personalized stationary for yourself or someone you love. I have also included a link for etiquette. I invite you to bring back the tradition of a hand written note to say hello, I love you or a simple thank you. I still wait eagerly for the mailman to deliver my Christmas cards. Receiving mail makes me feel connected to those who are distant and makes it seem as if we aren’t so far away. This holiday, take time to create a personal touch by sending a hand written thank you card.

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