That’s Jean-ius! A Tale of a Denim Addict



Denim addiction. I have been afflicted, and am actively seeking a fix that can only come from the perfect staple jean coated in a deep dark wash that looks effortlessly perfect with practically everything. You know the pair. The pair that is worn more than a dozen times before conceding to the laundry. The pair that gets pulled out of said laundry to be worn just one more time. The pair that jumps out at you every time in spite of the other 27 pair that hang in your closet…some still donning the tags they came home with. That pair.

My checklist for the perfect pair of jeans includes a wash that is as dark as the midnight sky, a touch of stretch to keep them fitting as well as they were meant to, and as little change in shape as humanly possible after I use and abuse them to maximum capacity. And did I mention I want them to rock my body shape a little as well? Not too much to ask, right? Denim designers, get out your wands…

My perfect pair, my friends, has been found.

Thank you DL1961, for knowing how to make me feel amazing. A new designer featuring an extremely unique characteristic making them worth every red cent of their $160 price tags, DL1961 uses a FOUR WAY STRETCH system when constructing their denim. Yes, I said FOUR WAY STRETCH. No matter what you do to these jeans, they bounce right back to perfect in 2.7 seconds flat. Walk for miles, skip, dance, jog, lay around on the couch eating cookies with the dog…whatever your little heart desires these jeans are going to be there with you making you feel like your best friend made them for you with love. I’m not kidding.

I’m short, curvy in my hips & thighs, and the styles that I am so in love with at the moment (or should I say, I can’t seem to bring myself to wear anything else) are: Jennifer in the darkest of dark Eclipse wash which is designed with a bootcut ankle and medium rise waist, Emma in an almost leather Burn finish which is a legging jean full of 27% lycra for a comfort meets hottie design with low rise and skinny ankle, and Grace who sits medium rise high on the waist and shaves a cool five pounds off of my physique with her straight cut leg and slight tone variation in the dark wash adding a little visual interest.

Totally worth the investment to know that they will keep me looking amazing long after my $50 Gap jeans have taken a nose dive into my Saturday-afternoon-around-the-house-only section of the closet.

Thank you DL1961, you kind of rock my body shape. Love, love, love.




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