Thank You! Feeling the Love on April 14th…

How can one express the gratitude I feel after having the BEST day of all? I am humbled by the love that you all have shown and expressed and I can’t even begin to thank you enough for how you have made me feel. From the moment I hopped into bed last night to now, I have received nothing but love. Here is just a taste of my special day!

***Now that I think about it, I have been celebrating since Hawaii (thanks Babe!) but who’s counting? I will continue to celebrate this weekend as well wine tasting with my love, Paul and Christina (thanks again babe!).

But today was the winner!!!

What I ate:
I was showered with love from the moment I walked into work until the moment I left. I ate 5 cookie brownies (thanks Melanie), 2 homemade tamales (thank you, Steph), 1 Kara’s Cupcake (thank you Jenara) 1 TeaCake dolce de leche cupcake (thank you, Jenny), 2 scones and a latte (thank you, Carol) and one cup of coffee (thank you, Helen). And lots of random candy (Thanks Courtney). Why did I make lunch again? YUM!


A picture of the ooohhy gooey center of the fluer de sel and caramel cupcake from Kara’s on the right. Delish!  Note the little duck on top… I AM the lucky ducky!


What I wore:

I wanted to celebrate in style so I tried my newly acquired trophy from the swag prize bag from Sunday’s competition (Thank you, Thread and Effie’s Heart). I wore barely black stockings to coordinate with the sheer top and a small cardigan sweater (Thank you, Grandma). The shoes were a patent black open-toe pump. To top it all off, I wore the over sized birthday hat (thank you, Courtney) for part of the day just to be extra festive.




The love you all shared:

After answering 113 FB wall posts, listening to 19 voice mails and 8 text messages, I felt completely loved and beside myself – I wanted to call you all to thank you personally. Especially Carleen, Teri and Mom for singing me an awesome rendition of “happy birthday”! I was showered with love at work from my dear friends and co-workers so much so that I could not walk home, I had to hitch a ride (thank you, Jenara). I am feng shui’d out with my two new orchids (thank you, Amy and Courtney). My ears are decked with new earrings (Thank you, Carol and Baby Love). I am rockin’ new socks and hot nails (thank you, Jenny). And the kicker of it all was in my mailbox when I got home…






(Thank you, Kimmy!!)


This sweet little number will be added to my super awesome family stack of clothes, belts, handbags, and jewelry (Thanks Mom, Jim, Jamie, Brent, Sally, Rhonda and Bruce). xoxo



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