Take Ten Years Off of Your Face: Eyebrow Tint

Yikes! I am getting white eyebrow hairs! What is that about? Before I went on vacation last week, I had the fine experience of a facial and brow wax with my favorite Esthetician, Jen Taylor of Jennifer Taylor Skin Care at Shelby Sexton Salon in Lafayette. I expressed my concern with my new found friends and she had just the answer; an eyebrow tint.

What is an eyebrow tint anyway? The process is simple. It takes 15 minutes and ten years off of your look. In addition to my white/gray eyebrows, I have blond hairs and lighter hair near the skin. The tint darkens these hairs making my eyebrows slightly more predominant and lasts four to six weeks. Jen uses a safe, non-toxic vegetable dye that can also be used on your eyelashes as well. I tried the eyelash tint too and LOVED it. My eyelashes looked so good and I didn’t have to wear as much mascara.

This is not something that I recommend that you try on your own. This is for professionals only. To contact Jennifer, please click on the link above or email me at sugarlipslifestyletips@gmail.com.

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