Your Kid is Fat and I Blame You


If you knew that a child was being starved by his or her parents would you report it to the authorities? If you knew that a child was in danger, would you attempt to help? I am confident that you would. What if the tables were turned and you witnessed a parent abusing their child by over feeding … [Read more...]

Balanced Eats: A Few Tips From an Average Girl

"You are so healthy". "You eat so well". "You are so thin". You obviously don't know me as well as you thought. I am a junkie for junk food. I will throw down a quarter pounder with cheese like it's my job. I will house some Taco Bell at 3 am with the best of 'em. I heart the Golden Arches. What … [Read more...]

The Bee Keepers Best: Sustainable Green Honey

Stop eating white sugar start eating honey. When I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii, I met a Lawyer turned Bee Keeper who is extremely passionate about his honey and the process by which it was made. This rare, organic, white delicacy comes from a single kiawe forest at sea level on the dry side … [Read more...]