Kimberlee’s Fashionable Forecast for Spring 2011


Another holiday season has come and gone, and as we eagerly watched the release of the larger than life shimmering ball in Times Square on December 31st , the moment marked much more than just the closure of 2010.  It also opened the doorway leading straight into the beginning of 2011 and everything … [Read more...]

Slumber Party! Pajama Picks That Are Sure To Get The Party Started

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...Girls in pajamas sipping drinks with their spouse...The stockings were stuffed by the chimney with hopes that St. Nick would bring two pair...Before getting nestled all snug in their beds...they popped popcorn and dreamed of … [Read more...]

“My Name is Kimberlee, and I am a Denim-a-holic.” My Skinny Jean Pick of the Week

For years now, I have been forced to succumb to my denim-aholic-ism. Glorious washes, tricked out back pockets, and ankle openings ranging from 10”-slicker-than-a-tight-roll to Woodstock worthy bell-bottom. Love, love, love them. It seems that each time I attempt the challenge of downsizing my 27 … [Read more...]