Classic Holiday Dinner Menu: Prime Rib, Sausage and Chestnut Stuffing with Classic Mashed Potatoes and Bacon Brusssel Sprouts


We are full swing into the Christmas season. In preparation for the upcoming holiday, I have created a classic dinner menu that is easy to make and elegant to present. This year, we decided to prepare a traditional prime rib with a savory roasted chestnut and sausage stuffing with classic mashed … [Read more...]

Sunday Supper: B’s Famous Osso Bucco and Creamy Basil Polenta (video clips)

This dish is absolutely amazing! If you want a dish that will make you famous, try this one. Please be advised that this is a very advanced dish requiring a feel for the kitchen and familiarity with the processes. It is a time commitment to make this as it will take a minimum of four hours. It is … [Read more...]

A Foodies “Diet” Part Three: Healthy, Satisfying Dinner Options


One of the best things that one can do is finish off the day with a delicious dinner that is packed with flavor while remaining healthy. I like mine with a glass of delicious red wine. I have put together a few menu options for you to add to your week. These are omega rich with whole grains and lots … [Read more...]

Sunday Supper: Wild Alaskan King Salmon With Fresh Green Beans and Sweet Tomato Corn Salad

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Corn and tomatoes are bursting with flavor this time of year and we can't get enough of them. Today's Sunday Supper had a bright mix of vegetables with grilled King Salmon and it is perfect for any gathering. It is paired nicely with a Viognier (75%) Marsanne (25%) … [Read more...]