My Must-Have Holiday Lipsticks


Red lipstick is my favorite holiday accessory! Every year I visit my local Sephora and begin my hunt for the perfect red shade. Choosing the right red can be difficult. For those of you with natural red hair, stick to warm red tones, and (for the most part) the rest cam stick to cool red tones. Here … [Read more...]

Double Duty Must Haves: 5 Beauty Products You Can’t Travel Without

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many people are planning to travel. Here are a few must haves that can be used for double duty when packing light. Lip Balm: Keep your kisser soft and moisturize dry cuticles. You can also add a tiny bit to your fingertips and tame fly-away hair … [Read more...]

Toxic Nail Polish: Be Aware!

Spring is here and pedicures are a must! Be aware that what you put on your nails can be harmful to your health. This especially applies to women who are pregnant. I had provided a list of known toxins in beauty products on a previous post. Many of the major nail polish brands have eliminated … [Read more...]

Make-up Primer: Benefits and Brands


What is a make-up primer and how is it used? Say goodbye to the mid-day make-up reapplication! A make-up primer prepares the skin for your foundation and helps it stay in tact longer. Primer can be in a gel formula or cream formula both of which work equally as well. It is to be applied to clean … [Read more...]