Your Kid is Fat and I Blame You


If you knew that a child was being starved by his or her parents would you report it to the authorities? If you knew that a child was in danger, would you attempt to help? I am confident that you would. What if the tables were turned and you witnessed a parent abusing their child by over feeding … [Read more...]

It’s Official. MyShape, Inc. Has Ceased Operations

We have been suspicious since last November but yesterday Kim received an official announcement via email. I captured a screen shot for your review. Send us your thoughts on Facebook or comment below. -Cyn Related Posts: I Dream of fashionable Services To Fit My Shape … [Read more...]

Is the food you consume making you sick?

Today, your life is about to change...for the better! Check out this fantastic website and learn how you can become involved in the movement towards better food for all. 2010 is about making change and this is one way to make a global impact, one choice at a time. Official Food, Inc. Movie Site - … [Read more...]