My Green Clean: Eco-Friendly, Green Cleaning Products That Work!

Method Hand Soap - Hibiscus Flower

I will be the first to admit it. I am a cleaning HATER. I love having a clean, organized space but hate having to use strong chemicals to get the shine that I expect from all of my hard work.  I have tried numerous harsh products and a handful of green products with mixed results that I wasn't sold … [Read more...]

Empowering World Change: Change Begins With You


“We have not inherited the world from our grandfathers, we have borrowed it from our children” -Kashmiri Proverb The choices that we make today will not only affect our current global perspective but affect our lives and the lives of our children for generations to come. If you take a minute to … [Read more...]

Fair Trade and Labeling Truth


Fair trade, certified organic, natural, green, what does it all mean? Find out how to find the truth behind labeling and the connection between how your decisions can help stop human exploitation and trafficking. Today's Project Green Challenge quest is learning how to tell the difference between … [Read more...]

Celebrating Green Week


Project Green Challenge is underway and we will be celebrating in a very green way. This week, we will feature a look at our cosmetics and beauty products, organizations to get involved in, green style and fashion, ways to make greener choices and even green food. What will you be doing to be … [Read more...]