Tips For Brewing The Perfect Cup of Coffee


Hello Monday. We meet again. Like the majority of Monday morning commuters, I am reliant on my coffee to give me the boost that I need to get going. Here are some tips for brewing the perfect cup o' joe. Some Like It HOT! Water temperature is vital. According to the experts at Pacific Bay Coffee … [Read more...]

Coffee: Benefits of Caffeine and Tips to Brew the Perfect Cup

Nothing begins until I have a cup of coffee in the morning. The smell of a freshly brewed pot is invigorating and can bring a smile to my face the minute it hits my olfactory bulb. Coffee is like wine and there are undertones, nuances and flavor profiles that can be enjoyed one cup at a … [Read more...]

Need a Lift? Caffeine Levels in Coffee vs. Espresso

When we lived in on the Big Island of Hawaii, I visited numerous coffee farms to get the low down on what made Kona Coffee so amazing. While I was there, I learned that espresso is not what I thought it was. Before moving to the island, I worked in a restaurant in San Diego where the chefs would … [Read more...]

Fair Trade: What Does It Mean?

I never understood what Fair Trade meant. I assume that it means something good but what does Fair Trade really mean? How can I trust that it's really 'fair"? If it is more expensive, is it worth the extra money? How do I know that you aren't just ripping me off and calling it "fair"? I started … [Read more...]