Sunday Supper: Daylight Savings Duck with a Madeira Reduction

Duck may seem intimidating but it is quite easy to make. It’s a simple pan sear and a reduction sauce. EASY. We enjoyed it with classic Yukon Gold mashers and Blue Lake green beans. It was simple yet had layers of flavor throughout the dish. Pair this with a Pinot Noir and you have yourself a restaurant style dish at home.

What you need

1 duck breast per person (typically available at you local butcher or they can order it for you)

1 shallot diced finely

1/2 bottle madeira

1/2 bottle of port

2 c mushroom broth


Hawaiian Sea Salt or any other sea salt

Black pepper

Green beans


What to Do

The reduction will take the longest so start that first. In a medium sauce pan, put a Tbs. of butter and saute finely diced shallots. After a minute or so, combine the port, madeira, broth to the shallots and bring to a boil on medium high heat. Continue to boil for 30-45 minutes until it reduces into a syrup.   Peel and cut potatoes into quarters, add to a large pot with enough water to cover them and turn heat to high. Add salt & pepper to your reduction towards the end and another tablespoon or two of butter.   The green beans are just a very simple preparation, boil for 7 minutes, blanch in an ice bath then set aside.  Just before plating the duck give the beans a quick 2 minute saute with butter and sprinkle a lil’ sea salt, Bingo, game on.


In a large Skillet, pan sear the duck breast fat side down on medium-high heat with 1 tablespoon of butter for about 10 minutes.  Think of the duck skin/fat as bacon, in the sense that you really want to get it nice and crispy, this is your flavor so you definitely want to treat it right.  After beautifully searing the skin flip the duck and get down with the other side.  It should only take another 3-4 minutes on the “flip side” as you Mos Def-initely want the Daffy to remain a splendid medium rare.  Ah yeah, this keeps it nice and moist considering there is nothing worse than a dry duck.  Let it rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing to avoid all the delicious flavors from running out.


By now the potatoes are done so you’ll want to drain them and add 3 tablespoons of butter and a 1/4 cup of milk.  Smash, stir, beat until you have the consistency that you all know and love, more butter, maybe, more milk your choice, then salt and pepper.


Now it’s game time, plate the beans, taters, and duck. Then finish it off with a drizzle of the port reduction and finishing salt and you have winner, winner duck dinner.




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