StyleSays: Interactive Shopping with Friends? One Click Away!


It’s 8:30pm on a random Thursday night, and I want to go shopping. I want all of my girlfriends to help me decide which pieces to keep, and I want to see what they are shopping for simultaneously so maybe I can discover some new inspiration. And I want the places I am shopping to be busy with fashionable minds picking up amazing things I never would have seen, yet quiet enough that nobody gets in my way. I want some elbow room.

Sadly, the malls are all beginning their nightly closing procedures and my favorite boutiques have been dark for over an hour. My girlfriends are busy with their families, and the fashionable minds seem to have something better to do this evening. Now what?

Plugged in to my laptop checkout counter as is my usual backup plan, I happen to wander into something a little special, Upon entry I create myself a little account, add a photo to my profile, and presto change-o I am virtually transported to a customized shopping experience that satisfies my need for retail therapy in a big way. I connect via Facebook, so when I am offered the option to share this service with my friends my Facebook Friend list is conveniently uploaded for me to select from for personalized invites. Then, I shop. There are HUNDREDS of stores pre-loaded into StyleSays for an easy trip through the aisles, and as I spot pieces I like I simply click the button to “Say” the item. It then appears in my virtual look book and I can share them with my friends, talk about them with the chat feature, purchase them or just admire the collection I’ve created. I can add my favorite shops and friends to my “feed” and read about new pieces they’ve added as it happens. I can check out the most popular items in other member’s look books, and the newest pieces added to the shopping racks. And that’s not all. I can download a “Say” button to my browser to give me the option to nab pieces from other sites as I’m browsing the web and have them appear in my look book as well. This experience is serious. Shopping with my girlfriends is now a possibility on a random Thursday night regardless of timing or, well, life.

20111014-075218.jpg has taken everything I love about shopping and given me a way to treat my need for retail therapy from the privacy of my laptop. Oh, and did I mention this is a FREE service? Because it is. Love this! Find me on StyleSays and follow me to see what I’m shopping for, misskimberlee. Girl’s night at the stores made effortless.

Can’t wait to shop with you!



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