Spring 2012 Trends: How To Wear The Sexy Bra Top Like A Lady

The Spring 2012 runways boast a host of bright, geometric patterns, trends and styles that represent a refreshing optimism and may be a true sign that the economy is looking up. You don’t have to be an economist to know that previous spring runways adorned in all black with more shades of black were a direct reflection of this country’s economic and emotional state. This season is playful and full of vitality with bold, beautiful royal shades. This season begs for you to pack your bags and head south for some super sexy fun.

Big bold wedges, brightly colored shorts, geometric skirts and tea length skirts are all so flirty and fun. There have been a number of new designs that people tend to shy away from in fear that they will be too loud or over do it. One style that sticks out in my mind as a piece that if done well will be the hottest thing this side of Costa Rica. If worn incorrectly, all hell will break loose. What piece might that be? The Bra Top.

(photo credit: Mui Mui Runway NY Mag)

Seen on numerous runways with variations of style, one thing is consistent: a high waist bottom.

WARNING!! Please note! I feel that this trend philosophy is the same as the previous skinny jean trend. You have to have skinny genes to wear skinny jeans. Ok? Same here. The bra top should only be worn by a small percentage of the US population and if you fall into the category of questionable, admire from a distance.

The key to wearing the bra top is to keep the amount of skin showing to a minimum.

Match it with a high waisted pant or skirt. Tea length skirts are all the rage right now and adding length to the lower half will make you appear taller. Wear a structured wedge to increase your height potential even more.

Wear a playful Boyfriend Sweater with the bottom buttons buttoned so just a peak of the waist shows.

Wear a long sleeved cropped sweater or jacket to create a look similar to the image below, a long sleeved button down.

(photo credit: Mui Mui Runway NY Mag)

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