Social Media Time Suck? Organize Your Social Calendar

We compete with numerous media outlets everyday from TV to laptops to iPads to iTouch to smart phones. How does one organize social media time so that it doesn’t completely take over your life? Here are a few ways to streamline the social media outlets.

  • Designate a specific time period for social media and stick to it. For example, 20-30 minutes per day.
  • Update your smart phone to manage your accounts on the go to reduce the amount of time away from your family.
  • Use social media dashboard programs such as HootSuite to update all of your accounts at once or program them to work for you. enter in the information and the times that you would like them to launch. Set it and forget it.
  • If you are a parent, manage your child’s social media time on a family shared computer. Discuss the dangers of stranger friend requests.
  • Use a family calendar that can be programmed to your phone such as Cozi.
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