Shopping Tips to Dress Your Best: Shed 10 lbs. and 10 Years

Shopping is hard and finding the right fit can be grueling. Instead of spending hours in the dressing room, spend a few minutes researching the following and you will save time and money!

Determine your body type: Everybody carries weight differently and therefore must accentuate the positive and camouflage the negatives. This will help eliminate the frustration and help you look 10 lbs. thinner and 10 years younger.

Find a great tailor: Clothing comes in general sizes and having them adjusted will make a world of difference. Seeing is believing; try it and see a thinner you.

If you are tall, buy tall: Although I am only 5’7″ tall and I have tall measurements. My knees and arm holes need to be lower for a better fit. Check out this Sizing Chart to see if you are considered tall.

Determine your color palette: We all have our favorite colors and chances are we gravitate towards the colors that look best on us. These are called complimentary tones. Finding out what colors compliment your skin tone will help you narrow down your choices faster and help you always look your best.

 Shopping Tips to Dress Your Best: Shed 10 lbs. and 10 Years

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