Shopping Tips For Wedding Season: LBD on a Budget!

Thanks to Laura, who reminded me of a great little gem that I found, your summer wedding season will be a breeze! Seeing that we are in a serious economic crisis, budgets are tighter and value has taken on a whole new meaning to the consumer. I, however, always seem to have a budget crisis of some sort and it forces me to find fashion staples at a very affordable price. Now there are some who will turn up their nose at me for my choices because they find it beneath them but so be it. I am ok with myself and I hope that you all are too!

I had a wedding of great importance to me and my family and needed a classic look. I wanted to choose something that was timeless, elegant and comfortable. It also had to be easy to care for and not require dry cleaning. I found this LBD at Target for $39.99. It has a belted waist creating shape and pleats that flatter any form.  I posted the picture from a wedding that I attended for you to see it on me but there is a better picture below for the detail of the piece. You can click on the links below for more details of each item. I paired it with patent black peep toe pumps for $26.99, a long strand of Tiffany Pearls and matching earrings with a classic B&M watch. I wore my hair up in a simple twist which proved to be the best choice in the 105 degree heat that day! Simple accessories that were as classic as the dress.

Insider Tips: If you choose a budget friendly outfit, pair with classic jewelry such as diamond or pearls. I wouldn’t advise on pairing budget with costume jewelry. If it isn’t done right, the whole look can appear really cheap. If done correctly, nobody will be the wiser.
Secondly, if you choose a cheap shoe, make sure that it doesn’t look cheap. A patent is a patent, is a patent. They are all the same no matter who designs them. It’s a sure bet. Faux leather is not a sure bet and always looks cheap. If you want a leather look that isn’t patent, seek out a sale shoe that has an all leather upper.

Merona Collection Taffeta Party Dress in Ebony

Mossimo Vida Peep Toe Pumps in Black Patent


  1. I must say, this dress rocked at the wedding! No one would have guessed in a million years that it came from Target. A patent is a patent… LOVE it, and so true! And a classic is a classic. Silhouettes like this are timeless staples of any style-savvy closet. You’re GORGEOUS dah-ling!


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