Shop Online Successfully: Tips From Our Style Expert to Maximize Your Money

Nobody knows online shopping quite like our style expert, Kimberlee. How does that diva find all of her great looks?She searches, scours, tries, buys and has chosen to share her tips with you.  Enjoy!
The pictures online can be drastically different than the real thing? How do you know that you are getting a good buy?

Google it.  Whatever you are shopping for, chances are someone else has made the same purchase and has something to say about it.  Google the name of the product, and add the word “review” to the end of it.  You will find a great stash of reviews by real people that purchased the same item, what they thought of it’s performance, how the sizing fit them, etc.  This is a MUST DO before you purchase anything online.

How is it that one finds such great pieces without breaking the bank?

Maximize your saving potential.  This is a three part system,

  • STEP 1: Comparison Shop.  Check out at least three different sites that carry similar inventory, and see how their products compare to each other in price/quality/selection.  Who has the lowest shipping rates?  Who offers the easiest and least costly Return Policy?  You will be glad you checked those things out should you need to send something back, and at some point, you will.
  • STEP 2: Sign up for their mailing lists, immediately.  Sign up before you make a purchase, because typically you will find a confirmation email in your box within a couple of days offering you a Thank You discount.  Use it on your first purchase!
  • STEP 3: Seek out Coupon Codes.  Free Shipping is usually the best discount to find, almost without fail.  Shipping costs can be in upwards of 20% of the cost of the item…yikes.  Check out sites like or for great coupon codes and try them all to see if they will apply to your order…you are never penalized for trying!  Another great resource, is Google itself.  Type in the name of the store you are shopping from followed by the words “coupon code” and you might be surprised at how many are floating around out there.  WARNING…you will find that many will be expired, so be sure to keep that in mind.

If I can’t try it on, how will I determine the right fit?

Know how you measure up.  When shopping for clothing online, know your measurements EXACTLY, and utilize their size chart.  When looking at items you love, notice how they fit the model (key word here: MODEL = TALL & THIN).  Pieces with a fair amount of stretch are going to be a much more straight forward fit, however, If there is little to no stretch in the material…keep in mind that you may want to think about a size up so that it fits without pulling.  When shopping for denim, always check the alternate views of the piece.  If the MODEL’S bootie does not look completely amazing, the average woman’s will probably look worse.  Notice the poses.  If the model is posed in an odd way, it could be because she is trying to give the piece a bit of shape that it does not have by contorting her stance.  Be wary…

Try it, return it, rinse and repeat.  Some things that you order just simply will not work.  Make a point to know the store’s return policy before you purchase…my favorites are those that will accept a return in-store.  Easy, on the spot, no cost to return.  Second favorites are those that send a pre-addressed and pre-paid return label with the order, just stick it on the box it came in and away it goes!  For each piece you purchase that you must return, you can learn something from it.  Was it fit?  Well now you know the size/shape/cut that does NOT work for you…which helps to narrow down those that DO.  Was it quality?  Well now you know not to shop at that site again.  Use it as a learning experience, brush yourself off, and try again.  This is how you learn your favorite sites, your best fits, and the greatest deals.


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