Shop Like A Pro With Tips From Lucky Magazine


Lori Bergamotto, Style Editor for Lucky Magazine, joined Savannah Guthrie of NBC’s Today Show yesterday to share her tips on how to shop like a pro at a retail store. She shared some fantastic tricks on managing the mayhem.

1) Window displays are trendy not on sale. They are used to lure you in.

2) Shoppers typically shop counterclockwise so the items that are immediately presented are mildly discounted or full price.

3) Sale vs. promo: A promo is 2 for $something. Te discounts are usually minor so really take a moment to evaluate what you need before getting caught up in the promotion.

4) The real sale rack is hidden WAY in the back where it’s darker.

5) Read fine print:p “Select styles off” could be one or two things on the entire rack.

6) Discounts usually happen on Thursdays . An average piece takes about six weeks to discount.

7) Denim 101: Did you know that the average American women owns 7 pairs of jeans.? Retailers stuff the denim wall full of options and strategically place it by the fitting room with the intent of the more you try the more you by.

8) The cash wrap is always close to the fitting room to catch you after you fall in love with the items you just tried on. They don’t want you to have time to think about it.

9) Things at cash wrap: Retailers try to get you to make an impulse purchase or cross sell you on small items while you wait in line. These are usually full price under $5- $20. Those add up!

Now, head out this weekend and test her tips and begin shopping like a pro!

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